One Man’s Digital is Another Man’s Analogue

I bet you’ve gotten a little sick hearing the term digital. It’s paired with almost everything now- digital voice, digital currency, or the ephemeral digital space. In my last post on cybersecurity, I even used the phrase Digital Resilience. But what exactly is digital? It’s not an easy term to define, but perhaps the easiest way to understand its meaning is to compare it with its direct opposite- analogue. Continue reading “One Man’s Digital is Another Man’s Analogue”

Three Steps To Successfully Advocate Cybersecurity At The Workplace

Hardly a day goes by without some company reporting either a breach in their systems or a loss of confidential data. It doesn’t just happen to small businesses. Giants like Facebook and Google have also been in the news for all the wrong reasons. You would think that in the midst of all the negative coverage, organisations would start to pay more attention to their cybersecurity. They do, but it’s never been that straightforward, of course. Cybersecurity is a wonderful ideal, but there are too many ways that cybersecurity can trip up an organisation. Continue reading “Three Steps To Successfully Advocate Cybersecurity At The Workplace”